Restoration and renovations have repaired much of the damage to the building which occurred from years of neglect.  Among these have been replacement of the lead glass windows in the tower room, the restoration of the original lanterns which hung in the main reading room and replastering and repainting of several of the rooms and hallways. The building is now handicapped accessible and a catering kitchen has been installed. In addition, the outside brickwork has been recently repointed and the oak floor in the tower room has been refinished.  Future plans include waterproofing the foundation, renovation of what was the librarian's office, and installing an air conditioning system.

Two books may be purchased at the Hunt to support its restoration: Nashua in Time and Place $19.95, a community effort spurred by the Hunt and published by Arcadia Press  and My Window on Main Street, a collection of Marilyn Solomon's columns from The Telegraph about Nashua.  Previously available for $29.95, you can now purchase this book for $14.99.  All proceeds benefit the Hunt Building Restoration Fund.

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