About Jen

About Jen

The books I read the most are mystery and detective stories: I love the analysis of clues and human behavior and the unraveling of whatever puzzle the detective or investigator is facing. My affection for this genre began when I was 9 or 10 and started reading Nancy Drew stories, and it has only grown as I’ve aged.
Although many of the series I like are set in the U.S., I particularly enjoy mysteries set in other places and times: luckily there is no shortage of British mystery authors. You’ll find several on my list of top picks below.

Historical fiction, mysterious or not, is also a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved learning about and understanding how people lived in earlier times, how they adapted to their environment and met the challenges of daily life. The old American West has particular appeal to me, but I’ve read and enjoyed novels from time periods stretching from the early 12th century to just a few decades ago.

Like most readers I really have trouble choosing favorite books, or even coming up with a list of my top 10. The list below features some of the best picks from a few of my favorite authors.

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