As a child I absolutely despised reading. It was mandatory to read for 20 minutes a day at my elementary school, and every day I faked it. I didn’t start to enjoy reading until the summer before middle school. I was here in New Hampshire, visiting from Washington, and extremely bored. My mom gave me a copy of Twilight and told me to go outside, and that was when I fell in love with both vampires and reading. I read all four books in the series within a few days, and when I flew home I couldn’t help but pick up more vampire books.

Toward the beginning of high school, as I grew out of my vampire-only phase, I expanded into the young adult and fantasy genres. I find myself enjoying fantasy because of the immersive worlds they present. Despite sometimes sharing similar creatures and themes, fantasy novels create worlds that feel unique and beg to be explored.

Young adult novels connect with me for a different reason. Even though I’m an adult, I love the passion and different perspectives that the authors give their teen characters and the relatable challenges they face. Young adult, like adult, fiction, has a huge variety of worlds to explore.

Working as a library page gives me the resources to discover so many different books, but my life is not only about books and reading. When I’m not at the library working, I’m usually at home giving my three cats all the attention they could want. I also spend a lot of my time playing video games and collecting graphic novels. I aspire to eventually go to school for a career in culinary arts or a medical field.

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