Most of the time you’ll find me reading realistic fiction. When reading a novel, I like to imagine that it’s happening to me, or that it could happen to me, so I avoid fantasy or science fiction. But I do enjoy historical fiction if it’s set in the recent past, where I can imagine the events happening to me or my parents or grandparents.

Although I cannot choose a single author as my favorite, the late Carol Shields comes close.

I don’t have the patience to read experimental fiction. I wish writers would use quotation marks and go easy on the sentence fragments.

I like to travel the world by reading fiction set abroad, and when I visit a new city in real life I read a novel that takes place there.

When I take a break from fiction, I find myself reading books about current events by New Yorker writers, on politics, sociology, or that health-care-policy/memoir subgenre written by doctors like Atul Guwande and Jerome Groopman. A good writer can turn a dry topic like economics (Daniel Ariely) or statistics (Nate Silver) into a page-turner. When I’m not reading I run, swim, bike, garden, and work.

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