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Books have always been an escape for me. When I was a kid, they were a great way to pass away the time on a long drive or a rainy day. Throughout my life, that love of books has never gone away.

I usually have a few books going at the same time. Although I love a good thriller as a way to disconnect and just be entertained, my favorite books are personal narrative histories. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s ability to overcome horrific personal struggles or achieve amazing accomplishments. It helps motivate me when things get difficult.

Oftentimes, good historical fiction allows me to get the best of both worlds. I’ve always believed that there is a book for everyone, and when they find one that hooks them in, they will never want to put it down. Choosing a set of favorites is an impossible ask, but I would love to share some that have captured me over the years.

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Sci-Fi, Fantasy

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Mary Ellen

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fiction

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Chick Lit, British Fiction, World War II Nonfiction

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Yoga, Biography, Dogs, Dog Training

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Fiction, Short Stories, Political Science, Sociology

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Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, Modern Literature, History, Popular Science

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Literary Fiction, Memoir, Women’s Fiction, General Nonfiction

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Teen Recommendations
Realistic Fiction, Nonfiction, Graphic Novels, Action/Adventure, Magical Realism, and LGBT

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World Cultures, Food, Romance

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Jen M

Mystery, Historical Fiction, General Fiction

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History, Philosophy, Religion, Science

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Teen Recommendations
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Manga/Graphic Novels, Dystopian, Mystery/Thrillers

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