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Give the gift of Nashua history

The original Nashua Experience book has sold out as of December 21, 2016. Copies of the sequel are still available for $25. For the first time in a decade, the Nashua Public Library has copies of The Nashua Experience: History in the Making,... Read More

Another museum pass you can print at home

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) has just been added to the list of library passes you can print at home. Now, for that pass--and many others--there's no need to go to the library to pick  it up before using it. And you don't have to return... Read More

Clinton wins library penny poll

For the past several weeks, Nashua Public Library visitors have been registering their choice for president by dropping money into penny poll jars. The poll closed on October 31, and the results are: Hillary Clinton: $163.13    ... Read More

Students need help with research projects?

Parents and educators: Are your students struggling to find information for their research projects? As the school year gets into gear, students tend to automatically turn to Google when they're assigned a term paper. But what comes up in Google... Read More

New teen librarian

In September the Nashua Public Library welcomed Ashlee Norwood as the new teen librarian. Ashlee graduated with a master's degree in library science in 2011. Then, she says, "I promptly left Texas behind to begin my New England adventure."... Read More