Class Descriptions

Drop-In Technology Help

Alternating Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30, alternating Thursdays from 10:30-12:30, and one Saturday a month from 11:30-12:30 in the Computer Classroom, see calendar for details.

The library offers drop-in technology help in addition to regularly scheduled computer classes. You can come in any time during the open hours, when a reference librarian helps you find information related to specific problems you have encountered when working with e-readers, apps, Microsoft Office, surfing the web, and using the library databases or catalog. No registration is necessary. Feel free to bring your laptop, flash drive, or device. We cannot provide assistance with computer repair or virus removal.


1 hour
Pinterest Handout PDF

A basic introduction to the social media site Pinterest. Includes creating an account; creating boards; searching; pinning items.


1 hours

Basic introduction to using the online classifieds website Craigslist. Includes creating a Craigslist account, how to list items for sale, how to find items to purchase, and tips for avoiding fraud and scams.

Smart Speaker

1 Hour
Introduction to Smart Speakers PDF

Say hello to Alexa, who can do your bidding through your Amazon Echo speaker and other devices. Learn how to set Alexa up, ask her questions, and even tell her knock-knock jokes.


2 hours
Introduction to eBay PDF

A basic introduction to the e-commerce site eBay. Includes creating an account and searching for, bidding on, and selling items.


1.5 hours
Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2019 PDF

Basic introduction to Publisher. Learn to create a publication using Word Art, Text Boxes, Pictures, and other formatting tools.

Prerequisite: Familiarity with other Microsoft Office applications like Word or Excel.


1.5 hours
Outlook Handout PDF

Basic modules in Microsoft Office Outlook including using the Address Book and creating a Contact; creating, sending and receiving email; organizing email using folders and grouping messages together as conversations; using the Out of Office Assistant; creating a Signature; utilizing the calendar to create Reminders, Tasks and Meeting invitations.


1.5 hours
Twitter Handout PDF

Basic introduction to using the social media site Twitter. Includes creating an account; setting up a Twitter handle and profile; posting tweets; following other users; controlling your privacy.


2 Hours
Introduction to Facebook Handout PDF

Basic introduction to using Facebook. Includes creating an account; setting up a Facebook profile; “friending” people; posting content; controlling your privacy; using Messenger. We will create Facebook accounts for people with an interest in doing so and an email address.

Prerequisites: An email address and basic knowledge of using the Internet.

Computer Basics

2 hours
Computer Basics Handout PDF

Basic elements of Windows and the PC operating system, including using a mouse/keyboard; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; common menus, toolbars, and shortcuts; overview of software and storage media.

Practice: Mousercise

Microsoft Word – Introduction

2 Hours
Word Handout PDF

Basic to intermediate word processing using Microsoft Word, including using the ribbon; creating, saving, and printing documents; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; formatting lists; checking spelling and grammar; creating tables; applying headers and footers.

Microsoft Word – Advanced

2 hours
Advanced Word Handout PDF

This is an advanced computer class. Advanced Word skills including creating a newsletter; inserting WordArt, pictures, clip art, symbols, hyperlinks, URLs, footnotes, and page breaks; finding and replacing; formatting tabs and columns; tracking changes and inserting comments.

Prerequisites: Word class or experience using Word.

Mail Merge

1 hour
Mail Merge Handout PDF

Basic to intermediate introduction to using Microsoft Word’s mail merge to create batches of labels, letters, envelopes, etc. from tables, spreadsheets, Outlook email contacts, or databases.

Prerequisite: Microsoft Word class or experience

Microsoft PowerPoint

1.5 Hours
PowerPoint Handout PDF

Basic introduction to creating a slide presentation including using design templates; adding content, transitions and animations; saving and printing a presentation; viewing a presentation.

Prerequisites: Word class or experience using Word and/or Office.

Microsoft Excel – Introduction

1.5 Hours
Excel Handout PDF

Excel Budget Exercise Spring 2019
Basic to intermediate functions of Excel, the spreadsheet and calculating program, including screen and worksheet elements; copying and pasting; using mathematical formulas and functions; creating graphs and charts.

Prerequisites: Word class or experience using Microsoft Word and/or Office.

Microsoft Excel – Advanced

2 Hours
Advanced Excel Handout PDF

Advanced Excel skills not covered in the introductory class including advanced charts; filtering and subtotaling data; conditional formatting; concatenating text and splitting text into columns; adding comments and text boxes; using logic-based functions.

Prerequisites: Excel class or experience using Microsoft Excel outside of class, including creating formulas and basic charts in Excel.

This is an advanced computer class.


2 Hours
Genealogy Handout PDF

Introduction to two online databases: Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest; searching census, death, and family records; searching full-text books.