Computer Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees 6/6/2017

By using computers at the Nashua Public Library you acknowledge that you have read the Computer Use Policy below and agree to abide by it. Failure to follow the Policy may result in the suspension of library computer privileges. Willful and malicious damage to equipment will result in suspension of library services and/or may result in the prosecution of criminal charges per RSA 202-A:24.

Please report any infractions to library staff.

  1. Computer users must use their own valid Nashua library card, computer card, or a guest pass to log in. Those who do not qualify for a library card will be issued a computer card or a guest
    pass. Note that a valid photo ID is required to get a computer card. Users may hold either a
    library card or computer card but not both. Use of another person’s library card or computer
    card constitutes a violation of this policy and will result in suspension of library computer
  2. Computer users must be considerate of others. Disruptive loud conversations and
    inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Food and drinks are not permitted in or around the computer areas. Personal items should
    not be left unattended. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  4. No more than two persons are permitted per computer.
  5. All users have 2 hours of computer time a day.
  6. Printing is available at a cost of 20¢ per page for black and white prints and 30¢ per page for color prints. Prices are subject to change.
  7. Users may not disrupt or interfere with other users, services, or equipment. Intentional disruption of computer systems and networks is a violation of NH state law and users will be held responsible.
  8. Users may not represent themselves as another person or use computer access to transmit obscene, threatening, or harassing materials. Our public computers are easily seen by library staff and other patrons. Viewing and/or displaying offensive materials including graphic sexual, violent or otherwise inappropriate images is strictly prohibited.
  9. Users must respect the legal protections to data and software provided by copyright and license law.
  10. Users must accept responsibility for determining the suitability of content for themselves and their children.
  11. Teens ages 12 to 17 may use computers in the Teen Room. Children ages 11 and under may use filtered Internet access in the Children’s Room.
  12. The Internet offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. It is, however, an unregulated medium with a highly diverse user population. The Nashua Public Library provides a mechanism to restrict access to specific sources determined to be inconsistent with its mission. The library cannot control or monitor the vast amount of material accessible via the Internet. It is possible that individuals might access information they personally find offensive or disturbing.
  13. Quiet cell phone use and text messaging is permitted in the computer areas. Remember to speak quietly and respect your neighbors, and please set your cell phone to vibrate. Noisy or disruptive conversations will be asked to move to the lobby area of the library.