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History of the City of Nashua, N.H.

Edited by Edward Everett Parker

Published in 1895 by H. Reinheimer & Co.

One of the major histories of Nashua, this book contains biographies and historical information about Nashua from its settlement as Dunstable through the late 1890s.

You can download the entire book as a single file (622 pages), or just select individual chapters. Each file is searchable. To open the files, you will need Adobe Reader (available free from the Adobe web site).

Complete text: History of the City of Nashua, N.H. (350 MB)

Individual Sections:

Front Matter (9.3 MB)

Part I: History of Dunstable

Chapter I. The First Settlers of Dunstable (1 MB)

Chapter II. History from 1662 to 1674 (1.4 MB)

Chapter III. History from 1675 to 1685 (1.3 MB)

Chapter IV. History from 1685 to the Death of Rev. Mr. Weld in 1702 (1.3 MB)

Chapter V. Ecclesiastical History from 1702 to 1737 (605 K)

Chapter VI. Civil History of the Town Until Its Division by the New State Line in 1741 (1 MB)

Chapter VII. History of Dunstable, N.H. to the Old French War (1.35 MB)

Chapter VIII. History from 1757 to the Revolution (478 Kb)

Chapter IX. History to the Origin of Nashua Village (487 Kb)

Chapter X. History of Nashua Village (1.3 MB)

Chapter XI. (5.5 MB)

Appendices (1.3 MB)

  1. Genealogy of the early settlers of Old Dunstable
  2. History of the post office in Nashua
  3. Statistics of the district schools
  4. The name—its origin

Part II: History of Nashua, N.H.

General Biographies (16 MB)

Topography (4.7 MB)

Highways, Bridges, Canals, Staging and Taverns (16 MB)

Ecclesiastical History (19 MB)

The Cemeteries—Ancient and Modern (18.5 MB)

Medical History of Nashua (37 MB)

Educational (15.3 MB)

Military History to the Close of the War with Mexico (14.6 MB)

Nashua in the Civil War (24 MB)

The Bench and the Bar (26.2 MB)

Manufacturers (36.9 MB)

Railroads (8 MB)

Newspapers (17.8 MB)

Finance and Banking (8.5 MB)

The Militia of Nashua (12.6 MB)

Civil History of Nashua (46 MB)

Societies and Clubs (2.1 MB)