Library Plaza Renovation Project 

Transforming Nashua's central public space into a welcoming, accessible, and sustainable place for all to enjoy.

About the Project

The Nashua Public Library multilevel plaza is the city's center of civic activity and connection. Major events held on the plaza include Nashua Goes Back to School, Nashua Pride Festival, and the Sustainability Fair. Untouched for over 50 years, we're now preparing to renovate the plaza to better serve the community's needs and create a welcoming space for play, entertainment, socializing, and relaxing.

A collaboration between the library and Nashua's Community Development department, the goal of the renovation is to create a beautiful downtown park with an active play area, improved lighting, low-maintenance irrigation, and infrastructure for performers. 

Current State of the Plaza

Over the past 50 years, the land underneath the plaza has shifted considerably and ideas of accessibility have evolved. Changes in elevation throughout the plaza create barriers to mobility, the landscaping is uninviting and difficult to maintain, and there are very few places to comfortably sit. Due to its low lighting and limited use, concerns over safety in the plaza prevent more frequent use by the public. 

A New Vision

The redesign of the plaza focuses on creating an inviting multi-use space for all ages. The library and Community Development are currently seeking input from the community to ensure the final plan reflects the community's needs. 

Below are site plans for the two concepts that are being considered. View the full presentation for more details about each.

Plaza Renovation Feedback

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