Standard Library Card

Library cards are free and valid for three years. You're eligible for a Nashua Public Library card if you: 

  • Live in Nashua
  • Own property in Nashua
  • Work in Nashua
  • Are retired from working in Nashua
  • Are the spouse or child of someone who works in Nashua or owns property in Nashua.

How to Apply

  1. Apply in person at the Customer Service desk.
    1. Need access to digital materials sooner or want to pre-register to save time? Register for a temporary eCard here. 
  2. Make sure you have proper forms of ID. Examples are below.

Requirements: Proof of Address and ID

Apply with one of the following combinations of valid identification: 

  • Photo ID and residential address
    • Example: Driver's License
  • Photo ID without an address (or the wrong address) also requires one alternate form of ID that includes your name and residential address.
    • Example of alternative forms of ID: checkbook, rent receipt, car registration, phone bill, mail delivered by the post office.
  • Two alternate forms of ID with your name and residential address. 

Customers who reside in shelters or temporary housing in Nashua may obtain cards by presenting something in writing that indicates they reside at the temporary housing.

Additional ID requirements for employees, spouses, students, and property owners.

  • Employees
    • Present a photo ID (or two alternate forms of ID) along with business cards, paycheck stubs, or letters from the employer that show their name and workplace. (Those retired from employment must bring in a letter from the past employer.)
  • Spouses
    • Spouses/children of Nashua employees (or retired employees) and property owners must be present with the taxpayer to whom they are related (and spouses must present ID).
  • Students
    • Students (adult) enrolled in Nashua must present either a school photo ID or a non-school photo ID plus a tuition bill or letter from the teacher/headmaster/administration.
  • Property Owners
    • Property owners in Nashua must present a photo ID (or two alternate forms of ID) and tax bills showing their name and property address.