Library Grounds


The library's expansive outdoor area enhances our mission by providing free access to art, educational opportunities, programming space, and physical and mental well-being.

Discover all that the library offers for outdoor enjoyment and explore exciting plans for future renovations.

Sculptures and Public Art

The library is home to four works of public art created by artists participating in the Nashua International Sculpture Symposium. This annual event, the only one of its kind in the U.S., is designed to elevate the awareness and appreciation of public art in Nashua. Tour the library grounds to experience these sculptures from artists from around the world.

IMG_5358Ghost Wilkie

  • Artist: Joseph Montroy, Newington, NH 
  • “Faith is an island in the setting sun.” Montroy's work explores his connections with certain objects and stories.

Moon Shadow

  • moon sculptureArtist: Mai Thi Thu Van, Vietnam
  • “Under the Moon everything will be more beautiful.” Mai Thi Thu Van wanted to show her love for the beautiful full moon in this creation. The sphere carved into the largest of the five pieces of sculpture results in dramatic casting of the moon’s shadow onto the opposite stone.

turtle Opens in new windowAscending Egyptian Turtle

  • Artist: Hassan Kamel, Egypt
  • In ancient Egyptian philosophy, the turtle represents darkness in the world. In his artwork, Kamel depicts a turtle ascending to the sky.

La Tortue

  • turtleArtist: Michel Argouges, France
  • Inspired by the turtle’s influence on European civilization, La Tortue is a mixture of a peaceful animal and a war machine.  It is also a reflection on the ability to adapt and use all that nature gives us for our goals.

Rain Garden, Created by Girl Scouts of Nashua Troop 51595 

Rain garden featuring native wildflowers and plants. The Nashua River is visible behind the garden.On a small plot of land behind the library sits Troop 51595's Rain Garden, a stunning pollinator-attractor and important collector of rainwater. Designed, built, and funded entirely by the Girl Scouts, the project taught the girls about engineering and gave them the opportunity to practice public speaking through a presentation they had to make to the library's Board of Trustees for approval.

Read more about their efforts here


River Views and Walking Trails

Stroll along the library walk behind the library to enjoy scenic views of the Nashua River and Jackson Falls Dam.

Future Renovations

Plaza Renovation Project

renovation plaza planplaza design

Project Timeline: Expected to break ground in 2024

Library staff and the City of Nashua's Community Development Division hired award-winning CRGJ Landscape Architects in 2019 to design an innovative and much-needed renovation for the multilevel plaza area between the library building and the adjacent city-owned building at 14 Court Street.

The COVID-19 outbreak halted progress on the renovation plan, but in 2022, library staff worked closely with NH's congressional delegation to secure $3 million in federal funding for the project. Another $1.5 million to complete the project is funded from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Once implemented, the courtyard will provide a quality, cost-effective, and low-maintenance beautiful outdoor space for the community to enjoy through daily active programming of events and activities. The plan should provide improved public safety; highlight the connectivity from parking areas, between buildings, and to the riverfront walking paths; and provide active outdoor passive recreation and event space.

View the plans here.

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City of Nashua Riverfront Development Project

riverwalk proposallibrary ramp proposed

Project Timeline:  In progress

The City of Nashua's Riverwalk plan will create an accessible ramp from the river bank to the library, connect library trails to downtown, and create recreational space and stunning views for the public to enjoy.