Meeting Rooms

How to Book a Meeting Room

Please read the meeting room regulations below. If you feel that your group can meet these regulations, then you can check room availability and request a reservation by clicking here. A staff member will review your request within a day or two and send you an email telling you whether your request has been approved or not.

If you have any questions, email Mary Greene or call her at 603-589-4623.

Meeting Room use policies and procedures: adopted by the Board of Trustees on 10/6/2015


Library programs and activities have absolute priority over all other uses and are not covered under these policies and procedures.

The meeting rooms at the Nashua Public Library are available free of charge to any local, non-profit entities for meetings or programs of an educational, cultural, charitable or civic nature during library hours. Meeting spaces may also be used by municipal, state and federal governmental boards or agencies.

Profit-making entities are not permitted to use our meeting rooms. Programs involving the sale, advertising or promotion of commercial products or services, or programs sponsored by a business firm are prohibited even if they are free and open to the public. This includes groups offering free introductory lectures prior to a paid course of instruction.

Any entity not based in Nashua requesting use of a meeting room must show substantial connection to the City through its stated mission or service area and provide a local contact that will be responsible for the booking and use of the room.

Rules and regulations:

  • Groups using our meeting rooms will adhere to the Library Code of Conduct which is available online and in the Administration office.
  • Food is not allowed in the library’s meeting rooms.
  • Drinks with a secure cover are permitted in the library’s meeting rooms.
  • Payment of dues, admission fees or donations as a condition of attending a meeting is prohibited.
  • All activities must be confined to the meeting room. Approaching library customers for the purpose of encouraging participation in the group’s activities is prohibited. Fliers, brochures or other printed information should remain in the meeting room.
  • Advertising material endorsing political candidates is prohibited on library property.
  • Permission to use a library meeting room does not constitute endorsement of a group’s philosophy or objectives by the Nashua Public Library. Display advertisements and posters for meetings or programs must not state or imply that an event is endorsed or sponsored by the library. All such posters or flyers are subject to review by the library administration and must be submitted to the Community Services Coordinator before posting on the library’s bulletin boards.  No signs are permitted on the library grounds.
  •  Any damage to library property resulting from a meeting or program will be the responsibility of the organization that booked the room.
  • Groups are responsible for setting up chairs and tables if necessary and all meeting rooms should be left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • No group or individual may book the Theater more than twice per month during evening and weekends on a continuing basis.
  • If, in the opinion of the Library Director, the presence of a police officer is necessary or advisable the group using the library meeting space will hire one or more at their own expense.
  • The library should be informed of cancellations as soon as possible.
  • The library reserves the right to relocate a group to the room most suited for its size and function.
  • In case of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. Inclement weather or loss of power) the library reserves the right to cancel any meeting, event or program.
  • Reserving a meeting room will be considered a group’s understanding of and agreement to follow these rules and regulations.

Meeting Room Capacities

Here are the rooms available for meetings of outside groups and their capacities: