The greatest role model in the world

“Haatchi and Little B.” is available in hardcover at the Nashua Library

Inga Dellea-MessnerThere once was a sweet dog who was left knocked out and possibly even tied to train tracks. This young puppy suffered the loss of a leg and unimaginable cruelty at a very young age. He was soon almost put to sleep by numerous vets who feared they would never find a home suitable for him.

Meanwhile, a little boy suffered from the rare Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, which kept him in constant pain and left him a social outcast. His muscles could contract but never relax, leaving them crushing his very bones and organs. He could not walk, and his face was scrunched in, his eyes stuck in such a squint he could barely see. Little B. refused to go out in public, but when he had to he would cover his face. Still, he knew the crowds stared at him.

The true story Haatchi and Little B. by Wendy Holden is an account of how these two meet and transform each other.

While Haatchi is finally shown unconditional love and loyalty in a new home after the attempted slaughter, Little B. learns what it is to push through. As his mobility, vision, and prognosis worsen, nothing could ever help him like one three-legged dog. This perfect role model was dealt a terrible hand and yet somehow loved, persevered, and even trusted again, with a smile and not even the slightest glimpse backward.

As these two face struggle after struggle with their health, theirs is a story of courage and fortitude, love, acceptance, and courage. It is a story of the truest friendship one can have, and of change.

But the change that they bring about isn’t just in their home. Perhaps the most moving aspect of the story is the way Haatchi and Little B. brighten the world around them. The pair brings out the best in people over and over again.

This is a moving account of karma and love winning out time and again against all obstacles. If you’re looking for a reminder about just how wonderful the world can be (contrasted with the ugly), then this book is an absolute must.

I sincerely hope you’ll read this quick 200-page tearjerker.

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Library Assistant Inga Dellea-Messner grew up in Windham and Hudson. She worked at the Rodgers Memorial Library for seven years before becoming a library assistant at the Nashua Public Library. On her way to earning her bachelor’s degree from Keene State, she spent five months studying French in Bretagne (Brittany).

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