All’s Fair In Love and War

Inga Dellea-MessnerMin, an actuary, is brilliant, kind, ambitious, self-sufficient, overweight, and plain. Her friends call her “Stats.”

Bet Me

“Bet Me” by Jennifer Cruise is available in regular print, large print, and downloadable audiobook formats.

In a crowded bar, most men would pick her out as the least intriguing gal in the room.

So why would the drop-dead beautiful “hit-and-run-Cal Morrisey,” who already has every other set of mascaraed eyes in the place on him, be interested in her?

Well, Min knows why. And it’s not good. Yet she needs a date to her sister’s wedding . . . in three weeks! Can Minerva Dobbs play this famous playah for that long?

What will these two do to each other?

Throw in a few overprotective best friends; two meddlesome, disapproving families; and a couple of sexy, maniacal exes conniving to split Min and Cal apart, and you’ve got a rib-splitting whirlwind.

Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise was a perfect Valentine’s Day read. I could not put it down, or stop laughing, throughout.

Cruise has a talent for devising hilarious and absurd situations and a way with words that will have you falling out of your chair. The twists and turns of this novel take you from one screwed-up mess to the next, tangling these two characters’ fates into complete madness.

Whether your Valentine’s Day left you starry-eyed and ready for some more mush, or in need of a huge pick-me-up, you will fall in love with this wonderfully written romantic comedy.


About Inga Dellea-Messner

Library Assistant Inga Dellea-Messner grew up in Windham and Hudson. She worked at the Rodgers Memorial Library for seven years before becoming a library assistant at the Nashua Public Library. On her way to earning her bachelor’s degree from Keene State, she spent five months studying French in Bretagne (Brittany).

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