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“The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom is available from the library in hardcover, large print, and downloadable audiobook.

Inga Dellea-MessnerIn Mitch Albom’s novel The Time Keeper, three wayward souls learn the meaning of time through great trial, and greater error.

Dor–Father Time–discovers its existence and is the first to measure it. But when his wife is dying, rather than spend those last moments at her side, he goes off to find her more time to live.

For that, God banishes him to a cave, where he is forced to hear all mankind’s pleas for more time, less time, freeze time, save time, and he must learn to understand the plight he has wrought.

Among the pleas are those of Sarah Lemon and Victor Delamonte.

Sarah wants less time, ruing her own life when her heart is broken. Can’t it all just end? Victor rails against his own imminent end. Both are ready to go to extreme lengths to end or extend what time they have. Dor’s mission is to save them from their misguided urges. In the process, will he grasp the true meaning of his own discovery?

Don’t make Dor’s mistakes. For one day, tally how often you look at your watch. I doubt you will be surprised to discover that life is full of an insane amount of hustle and bustle, appointments and racing around to do goodness knows what. Anything worthwhile? In modern society, we micromanage every minute.

After taking your tally, ask yourself what percent of those tallies signaled some activity you’re actually glad you did. How many brought you any satisfaction, and how many of them will you even remember tomorrow? How much of your day consisted of you making the best of your time, rather than trying to cram as much into an hour as you possibly could?

Read this book, and you might just grow to accept what it is to get old, to truly live out your days and accept an allotted number of them.


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Library Assistant Inga Dellea-Messner grew up in Windham and Hudson. She worked at the Rodgers Memorial Library for seven years before becoming a library assistant at the Nashua Public Library. On her way to earning her bachelor’s degree from Keene State, she spent five months studying French in Bretagne (Brittany).

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