A tale of a head witch and necromancer

Midnight Witch

“The Midnight Witch” by Paula Brackston is available from the library in hardcover.

Inga Dellea-MessnerHow far will one woman with a dangerous power go to protect those she loves?

The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston is a tale of strength, power, anguish, and amour, centered around Lilith Montgomery, newly dubbed head witch of the Lazarus Coven.

This daughter, sister, betrothed, and head necromancer has the training and intellect to handle anything that life–or, for that matter, the afterlife–might throw at her.

Never in her wildest dreams, however, could she have imagined the terrors she’s up against now.

Nor is she prepared for the young, talented Mr. Bram, artiste extraordinaire, to enter her world.

When an ancient rival threatens, will Lilith let herself be distracted from her duties as head witch? From her promise to her family and her fiancé? What will she sacrifice?

Or whom?

This story is full of suspense, danger, chaos, and romance, woven together in a complex and intricate balance between intense action and a love story that fully consumes its victims. The author carries you from dark caves to fancy balls and from war zones to palaces in her account of courage and caring.

The setting is the transition between the Victorian era and World War I, with of course a generous helping of magic . . . and some very earthly opium problems.

Brackston’s writing style is meant to transport the reader to another realm, and in this she is successful. But heads up! The diction, while beautiful and descriptive, is lofty and old-fashioned at points. But her action and horror scenes create the disconcerting feeling that your heart and gut are being mashed through a citrus squeezer and then chilled. It’s both eerie and invigorating.

In her dire moments, how far will Lilith go to protect the ones she loves? All I’ll say is she must make sacrifices in all aspects of her duties and desires.

If you want to be swept away from the monotony of daily life, Brackston is a perfect writer for you. If you like succinct, conversational writing you may enjoy the plot twists but find the writing cumbersome. But if you enjoy action and romance, with little bits of history thrown in, this book will surely cast a spell on you. I hope you check it out!

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