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“Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell. Available in the Teen Room and in Adult Fiction.

After finishing Rainbow Rowell’s latest novel, Fangirl, I wanted more.

I wanted more of Cath, more of Levi, more of Reagan, even more of the often insufferable but ultimately essential Wren. And more of Rowell herself, an author who knows just where to hit me.

This young adult novel centers around Cath, one half of a pair of identical twins who are heading off to college. Her twin, Wren, wants to start fresh, with a new identity, and Cath wants everything to stay the same.

Cath is an avid reader of Simon Snow—a Harry Potteresque character with a gigantic online fan community. She writes fanfiction about the characters of the Simon Snow novels, highly anticipating the final book in the series. Cath can’t keep out of the Simon Snow world, and, having just finished Fangirl, I can’t keep out of Cath’s.

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“The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green

For anyone who’s loved a fictional universe, it’s easy to imagine a story taking a different track, or continuing after the final pages. Rowell understands this, and writes quirky, complicated characters that make you want to befriend them and know their entire life.

Rowell also understands the fan world—her tumblr ( is filled with reblogged posts of fan art of Cath and her friends, moments from her story, and other beautiful re-imaginings of the world she created. No one wants her story to end.

If you’re looking for a good YA book to read, pick up Fangirl. Or, since it’s likely checked out, put it on hold and try Eleanor and Park, Rowell’s first YA novel, which is equally incredible and devastating. In fact, it’s an upcoming pick for the YA Book Club for All Ages, so once you’ve read it, come talk about it on November 20. Please register at

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