Reader advisory: Sex, drugs, and violence?

Carol Luers EymanWelcome to Next Great Read!, the Nashua Public Library’s new reader advisory blog.

Say what? “Reader advisory”?

When you see the words “viewer advisory” at the beginning of a TV show, you expect sex, nudity, violence, drugs, and swearing.

So is a “reader advisory” a warning to expect similarly juicy content, but in books?

That’s what I thought when I first heard the term. But in reality, it’s a phrase used by librarians and booksellers to mean the process of suggesting books to customers.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that librarians take courses in reader advisory while at library school. (For that matter, did you know there is such a thing as “library school”? So if you go to library school to become a librarian, do you go to “school school” to become a teacher?) They learn how to recommend what to read next, based on what you tell them you’ve liked in the past.

And that’s what we’ll be doing here in “Next Great Reads!” To start out, four of us will be posting:

  • Library Director Jen Hinderer will write about mysteries, historical fiction, and audiobooks.
  • Supervisor of Teen Services Sophie Smith will recommend nonfiction, as well as fiction that’s written for teens but appeals to adults, too (think: Marcelo in the Real World, The Book Thief).
  • Supervisor of Circulation Loren Rosson will write about fantasy, horror, and occasionally about films.
  • Outreach & Community Services Coordinator Carol Eyman (that’s me) will recommend mainstream, historical, and literary fiction.

When I’m looking for a book recommendation, I’ve learned over time to go to people who share my tastes. I’ve also learned that when certain other people recommend books I should smile politely–and relegate their recommendations to my “To Read (Not!)” list.

Likewise, we hope you’ll come to know, among the four of us, whose opinions jive with your own. We also hope you’ll give us feedback, either by commenting on a post or by seeking us out when you visit the library.

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About Carol Luers Eyman

Carol Luers Eyman is the outreach and community services coordinator at the Nashua Public Library. After graduating from Kirkland College, she earned a master’s of education and a certificate in technical communication from the University of Massachusetts.

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  • Judy

    Looking forward to this! I’m sure we’ll all have a favorite reviewer that we can trust to use when we need a great book.