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Reserving Museum Passes

The library offers passes for free or reduced admission to area museums.

  • To borrow a pass, you must be 18 or over and have a Nashua Public Library card with no outstanding fines.
  • You can reserve a pass to one museum per day and up to four museum passes per month. You cannot reserve a pass more than once for a museum in the same month.
  • Because other customers may be waiting to use your pass, a $5.00 per day fine will be charged for late returns.

Here's how it works:

1. Select your pass
Do one of the following to reserve your pass:

Each option provides links to the museum websites to assist you in selecting a museum and planning your visit. If you have any questions, contact the Reference Department at 589-4611.  Use your entire Library Card number and the PIN associated with your library card to reserve a pass.

2. Pick up your pass
Pick up your pass at the Reference Desk the day before or the day of your visit. The person who picks up the pass should be the same person who has made the reservation.

Bring your library card when you visit the library to pick up your pass.

Don't be a no-show! If you reserve a pass and change your plans, you MUST cancel your reservation online or by phone so that someone else can use it. View or cancel your museum pass registrations.

3. Return your pass
Paper coupon passes do not need to be returned to the library. However, some passes are reusable and must be returned to the Reference Desk by the end of the day following your visit. If the library is closed you may seal the pass in an envelope labeled "Museum Pass" and deposit it in the Media Drop to the right of the library's main entrance.

Please call 589-4611 if you have any questions.