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Finding Magazine and Newspaper Articles

You might be surprised to know how many subscriptions we have to magazines and newspapers. When you combine print subscriptions and electronic subscriptions, the number is staggering.


To access our electronic subscriptions, try using our EBSCO database or Newsbank database. The EBSCO database provides access to complete "full-text" articles in hundreds of magazines, even, in some cases, to magazines the Library subscribes to in print. Here is a list of some of the more popular magazines and academic journals that EBSCO provides access to:

  • Consumer Reports (Full text of all issues since 1991, with a 3 Month delay)
  • Newsweek (Full text from Jan.1, 1990 to the present)
  • U.S. News & World Report (Full text from May 7, 1990 to present)
  • Time Magazine (Full text from May 7, 1990 to present)
  • Rolling Stone (Full text from August 9,1990 to present, with a 1 Month delay)
  • Fortune (Full text from January 27,1992 to present)
  • National Geographic (Full text of all issues since 1995, with a 3 Month delay)
  • PC World (Full text from January 1,1996 to present)
  • Scientific American (Full text from January 1,1995 to present)
  • Economist (Full text from July 7, 1990 to present)

The Newsbank database provides access to the following newspapers, amongst many others. The coverage differs depending on whether you access the database at the library or from another location. If you aren't at the library, the coverage provided is less thorough.

  • The Telegraph (Nashua, NH)
  • New Hampshire Union Leader
  • Boston Globe
  • Boston Herald
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • New York Times
  • The Sun (Lowell, MA)