Nashua ComicFest

Announcing the first ComicFest special guest: Radio Westeros’s Lady Gwynhyfvar!

Lady Gwyn

Lady Gwynhyfvar, aka Jen Wilson, is a cohost and writer of the Radio Westeros podcast. A longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy and a former bookseller, Jen has been writing about books for years. As Lady Gwynhyfvar she began writing about George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire several years ago, first at the popular fan forum and later on her own blog and as a founding host of Radio Westeros.

Since founding Radio Westeros in 2014, Jen has been a guest on numerous podcasts, blogs and panels, where she always welcomes the chance to bring a fresh point of view to analyzing Martin’s rich cast of characters. Jen lives in Massachusetts with her two children where she often repeats the Stark House words: “Winter is Coming.”