Special Guest

Announcing a New Special Guest!


Peregrine McDermott of Falcon Cosplay is an artist, writer, and active role-player in the New England Cosplay community and has been attending conventions such as Granite State Comic Con and Queen... Read More

Doughrito Cosplay & Photography

Doughrito Cosplay &Photography Guest Image

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignleft" width="200"] Image used credited to Shiki Stitches on Facebook.[/caption] Doughrito Cosplay & Photography has been a cosplayer and convention... Read More

“The Billion-Dollar Spider-Man ‘Cover Up’.”

spider-man costume

Want to know how John Cimino acquired such a rare piece of Spider-man memorabilia? Read the New York Post article, "The Billion-Dollar Spider-Man 'Cover up'" about this unique, and possibly even... Read More

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

spider-man costume

Announcing ComicFest special guest, comic dealer John Cimino. He’ll be showing off the most rare and valuable piece of Marvel memorabilia ever, the 1964 Spider-man costume of comic-book creator and... Read More

Want to know more about Lady Gwynhyfvar and Radio Westeros?

Radio Westeros

We're so excited to have Lady Gwynhyfvar joining us this year! To listen to her latest Radio Westeros podcast, click here!  You can also follow Radio Westeros on your preferred social media... Read More

Announcing the first ComicFest special guest: Radio Westeros’s Lady Gwynhyfvar!

Lady Gwyn

Lady Gwynhyfvar, aka Jen Wilson, is a cohost and writer of the Radio Westeros podcast. A longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy and a former bookseller, Jen has been writing about books for years. As... Read More