Ear Stories: Writing the Audio Drama Podcast


ComicFest welcomes Shannon Sawyer! From the original broadcast of War of the Worlds to the hit show Welcome to Night Vale, audio drama has taken the world by storm. But how do you write for a show... Read More

Brick City Blockade

brick city blockade podcast network

Do you love all things Star Wars?  If so, join us for a panel by Brick City Blockade Podcast Network! They will have a panel focusing on the stories of New Hampshire’s Star Wars community and how... Read More

Now Accepting Applications!

Apply Now

Nashua Library ComicFest 2018 is now accepting applicants for vendors in Artist's Alley as well as presenters/instructors for Panels/Workshops. If you are interested, please fill out the... Read More

Steampunk 101

Steampunk 101

For those new to steampunk, Lt. Nathaniel Flint and friends will talk about the themes, aesthetic, music, movies, books, and, of course, comics of the genre. Join us at 3pm!

Future of Star Wars: A Discussion from a Galaxy Far Far Away

There has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan than now! Hosts Sean Michaud and Robin Vogt of the Brick City Blockade Star Wars Podcast explore each aspect of the New Trilogy and all the... Read More

Superhero Trivia!

Carl Derry

If the amount you know about superheroes, secret identities, Marvel/DC, cartoons, and comics is almost scary, join professional host Carl Derry for an interactive trivia challenge at 1 pm!

Comics Q & A!

Peter Simeti

We're happy to welcome panelist Peter Simeti to ComicFest 2017!  He will be hosting the Comics Q & A at 11am. Learn the ins and outs of comic book publishing, marketing, and distribution... Read More

“The Billion-Dollar Spider-Man ‘Cover Up’.”

spider-man costume

Want to know how John Cimino acquired such a rare piece of Spider-man memorabilia? Read the New York Post article, "The Billion-Dollar Spider-Man 'Cover up'" about this unique, and possibly even... Read More

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

spider-man costume

Announcing ComicFest special guest, comic dealer John Cimino. He’ll be showing off the most rare and valuable piece of Marvel memorabilia ever, the 1964 Spider-man costume of comic-book creator and... Read More

Announcing the first ComicFest special guest: Radio Westeros’s Lady Gwynhyfvar!

Lady Gwyn

Lady Gwynhyfvar, aka Jen Wilson, is a cohost and writer of the Radio Westeros podcast. A longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy and a former bookseller, Jen has been writing about books for years. As... Read More