ComicFest 2017

Future of Star Wars: A Discussion from a Galaxy Far Far Away

There has never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan than now! Hosts Sean Michaud and Robin Vogt of the Brick City Blockade Star Wars Podcast explore each aspect of the New Trilogy and all the... Read More

Project Cosplay!

Project Cosplay

Like Project Runway for cosplayers! In this game participants will be divided into groups. Each group will receive a basket filled with random supplies and given 1 hour to create a cosplay for one... Read More

Superhero Trivia!

Carl Derry

If the amount you know about superheroes, secret identities, Marvel/DC, cartoons, and comics is almost scary, join professional host Carl Derry for an interactive trivia challenge at 1 pm!

Comics Q & A!

Peter Simeti

We're happy to welcome panelist Peter Simeti to ComicFest 2017!  He will be hosting the Comics Q & A at 11am. Learn the ins and outs of comic book publishing, marketing, and distribution... Read More

Announcing a New Special Guest!


Peregrine McDermott of Falcon Cosplay is an artist, writer, and active role-player in the New England Cosplay community and has been attending conventions such as Granite State Comic Con and Queen... Read More

Misty’s Little Mistakes

Misty's Little Mistakes

ComicFest is excited to welcome Misty's Little Mistakes to Artists' Alley! Misty is a New Hampshire based artist that creates awesome handmade charms, buttons, drawings, jewelry and more!  Find... Read More

Terrafaye Seamings

Terrafaye Seamings

Another artist in the Alley! Terrafaye Seamings is joining us at ComicFest, where you can find etched pendants, beaded jewelry items, and more at her table!  You can also check out her Tumblr page.

Alex Jobin

Alex Jobin

New to the Artists' Alley line up is Alex Jobin! We are excited to welcome Alex to ComicFest 2017.  Find his table in Artists' Alley and check out his amazing drawings!

Jozzy Couture

Jozzy Couture

Artists' Alley will also welcome Jozzy Couture to the line up!  Jozzy designs and creates her own unique jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! You won't want to miss her table... Read More

Plushies and pillows and pendants, oh my!

Clearly Magnificent Doodads

ComicFest is excited to have Clearly Magnificent Doodads joining us this year! What's a doodad you might ask?  Well, stop by Clearly Magnificent Doodads' table in Artists' Alley and find out!