Directions and parking

Directions to the library and information about parking are available here. On June 23rd, you can also park in the lower lots at 30 Temple Street, adjacent to the library lots. Public parking garages are also located in downtown Nashua on High Street and Elm Street.


  • Food trucks, including Ranger’s Barbecue and Hazy Ice Cream will be on the Library Plaza around lunchtime.
  • From 3 pm to 6 pm you can grab some free ramen noodles downstairs in the Chandler Memorial Wing.
  • You’ll find plenty of restaurants and coffee shops within a few blocks of the library.
  • Food is allowed at the round tables and counter downstairs in the Chandler Memorial Wing and anywhere outside the library.

Why ComicFest?

Nashua ComicFest celebrates both reading and heroes, ordinary and extraordinary. It is run by library staff in conjunction with volunteers with extensive con experience.