"Dark Magic and Donuts" artist is coming

Don Higgins Illustrator and concept artist

Artist Don Higgins, recently named as art lead for Fasa Games “1879,” will beDon Higgins Illustrator and concept artist joining us in the artists alley.

Don is the artist of the web comic Dark Magic and Donuts at www.darkmagicanddonuts.com.

He has been published by Gygax Magazine, Fireside Creations, and Eldtrich Entertainment. He’s the artist for The Heroes of Altimara a tabletop rpg adventure under the banner of “The Guild of San Marcos.”

Don has done poster design and illustration for local theater groups like Stagecoach Productions, MaMu Productions, Actorsingers, and Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater. He was part of the Steampunk Art Exhibition at the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, Conn., and is the Interior Illustrator of The Dragon Keeper’s Handbook and the Fantasy Based Almanac for 2013.