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Ask a Reference Question

What types of questions will be answered?
We will answer:
Brief, factual questions such as 'In what year was Albert Einstein born?' or 'What is the highest mountain peak in the U.S.?'
Requests for assistance with search strategies, including finding information on the Internet.
Questions about library services.
Basic obituary requests.
We will not answer:
Questions that require an opinion about or interpretation of medical, legal, or financial information.
Requests for assistance editing resumes, school papers, etc.
When will I get a response?
While we will attempt to answer your question as soon as possible, priority must be given to patrons making inquiries in person or by phone. Generally we will have a response to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday, and within 48 hours on the weekend. If you require an immediate answer to your question, please visit our library or call the Reference Desk at 603-589-4611.

Ask a Librarian

Email reference@nashualibrary.org with the following:

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