NPL Friends Meeting

September 11, 2006


Attendees: Carol Barker

                Ken Bateman

                Judy Blachek

                Tina Donovan

                Carol Eyman

                Valerie Fletcher

                Maria Gannon

                Marisol Garcia

      Ian Hyams

                Stephanie Hyams

                Vickie Meagher

                Marjorie Morse

                Liz Ullrich


**No Meeting in October**

**NEXT MEETING: Monday, November 13, 7:00 PM, Media Wing


Review of July Minutes: Accepted


Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance: $4056.62


Tina will keep track of what we sell per day (daily books, Then and Now sales, etc.), so we can check purchasing trends.


Membership: at 63


Membership runs from October to the end of following year.


Director’s Update (Carol Eyman)


·         New hours have been established and the number of pages on staff has been reduced. It can be difficult for the staff to be ready at the 9:00 a.m. open and lines are longer at the main desk as staff is busy putting books on shelves.

·         Chance to win parking cards has proven to be very popular.

·         The iPod shuffle will be given at a teen event on Sept. 19. As of Monday, only one entry for the raffle had been received! (Entry is a completed Online Tutor session.)

·         The Library has started blogs on the web site. Right now there is a teen one. In the future, there will be one from the director too.

·         Teen event on Oct. 25 will be on Safe Driving Tips.  There will be two Skid School scholarships given out with a value of $300 each. Scholarships have been donated from Lovering Volvo, Dan LaRue, in memory of one of the girls killed on Exit 8 in June, and the Skid School in Bedford.

·         On Sept. 30th, the Poet Lauret of NH will speak at NPL.

·         On Nov. 2 an actor will portray Galileo and on the 15th, someone will portray Georgia O'Keefe.




·         Canvas bags and cards - Carol ordered bags with graphic of Paula Super painting; they’ll be here in a few weeks. We will also look into greeting cards.


·         Stephanie’s quilt – Stephanie will write a note giving us permission to use a transparency of her quilt for cards, t-shirts.  We tabled the idea of making t-shirts from the quilt image.


·         Book Sale – October 14


Starting September 18 until the book sale, we will meet on Monday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 to sort books.


Book sale venue – flyer says it is on the plaza, but the Friends would like to keep many of the books in the East Wing and select a smaller amount to put up on the Plaza. All the books have been carefully sorted. Suggestion to have a tent with balloons and maybe children’s books or tote bags on Plaza. Direct people down to the side entrance.


Have a VERY BIG banner done that just says Book Sale Today. We can use it no matter the date of the book sale. Carol suggested we have one side say Friends of the Library with logo.


Carole has been asking for book donations from a variety of places/businesses she frequents and has had good response.


Work schedule for the Preview and Sale (October 13 & 14) to date (I missed some people, but will be sending mail and updating):


Friday night – 7:00 – 8 30                    

Saturday – 9:00 – 2:00


Friday Preview

Saturday Sale







Carol Eyman





We will send book sale flyers to rare book dealers. Judy will talk to the Nashua     South National Honor Society to help with carrying books. Bruce will make signs with new prices.


·         Art Auction – Marisol Garcia, a friend of Ken’s and an Attorney for non-profit organizations, uses the library but can’t come to meetings. She wants to help the Friends and proposed that we have an art auction. Marisol is familiar with the art walk, knows the owners of galleries, so she has good contacts. An art auction provides exposure for the artists. Marisol believes we can solicit many artists to donate for the event.


Ken suggested that we have a goal in mind for what the money would be used for, such as being open on Sundays. (Costs $1000 a week to keep open on Sunday.) People would feel more motivated if they have a specific goal they are working toward.


Ken offered to chair a subcommittee to look into the idea and work out all the details (auctioneer, soliciting artists, venue, food, etc.). Ask artists who have exhibited in library. Ken will email a call for participation to the Friends list. Tina is familiar with the art auction at Rivier and will share her contacts. Judy is familiar auctions as well.


·         Casino nights: the person who manages casino night at the Holiday Inn called Judy. This event runs for 10 nights in a row. Each group that participates gets a percentage. They said we can make $2500-3000 a night. Must commit to have a representative there all 10 nights. We decided to get more information before making a decision.


·         Nashua Then and Now - Sold all copies books (except for sample and one to Scott). More have been ordered.




NHHC: Feb. 1 for Surveillance in the Post 9-11 World.


Infrastructure Update


·         Petty cash system – we will keep $200 in a cash box, managed by Joe Dionne. When someone takes money out (for pre-approved items only), they will fill out a form or voucher for it. Need original receipts.

·         Tina will pick up daily books money every other Thursday (Sept. 21 next pick-up).

·         Tax-free status: in progress.

·         Web Page – done and looks great. Thanks Margaret Gleeson!

·         Mail boxes – Carol put yellow boxes in our room for each officer.


Action Items


Carol Eyman

Ask Paula Super about getting cards made for her painting

Ask Joe if he has found a sponsor for the quilt yet (DONE)

Show Tina the library’s petty cash vouchers

Ask Bruce to make new signs with price changes for book sale

Bruce Marks

Make new signs with price changes for book sale

Carole Barker

Call for pricing on a big banner for the sale

Judy Blachek

Talk to the National Honor Society from Nashua South to help with carrying books

Create flyer for book sale

Re: Casino Nights – Get more information; talk to other groups that have participated in the past (get “references”)

Finish tax-free paperwork

Ken Bateman

Send email to call for participation for art auction subcommittee

Marjorie Morse

Send email to dist list looking for volunteers to work the sale

Judy & Marjorie

Send book sale flyer or email to rare book dealers

Post book sale flyer around downtown Nashua and elsewhere

Stephanie Hyams

Write note giving us permission to use her quilt for t-shirts or whatever.


Meet Monday nights until book sale to sort books

Ask for book donations from everyone you can think of!