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Subject: FW: NPL Friends Meeting Minutes for July 10, 2006



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Subject: NPL Friends Meeting Minutes for July 10, 2006


NPL Friends Meeting

July 10, 2006


Carole Barker                    Kate Engle

Martha Barrett                   Tom Engle    

Ken Bateman                     Ian Hyams

Judy Blachek                     Stephanie Hyams

Joe Dionne                        Marjorie Morse

Tina Donovan                    Liz Ullrich


From Chelmsford Friends Group:


Marti Michaud

Madeleine Needles


NEXT MEETING: Monday, August 14, 7:00 PM, Media Wing


Chelmsford, MA Friends Group


Marti Michaud and Madeleine Needles met with us to discuss their experiences with the Chelmsford, MA, Friends group. They provided a wealth of information; highlights follow:


·         Recommend having both a Membership Chair and a Publicity DRI

·         Link from Library main page to Friends page

·         Members don’t receive anything for larger donations

·         Chelmsford has over 1400 members; they offer an annual meeting for everyone

·         Chelmsford Friends pays for most, if not all, of the library’s programs

·         Donate between $30-50,000 a year to the library (make $25K from book sale and $10-15K from membership)

·         Their book sale is a huge community event

o        Held the 3rd weekend in September, 3 days long

o        Middlesex House of Correction moves the books to the gymnasium where the sale is held

o        Individually price all hard cover books

o        Important to sort by topic

o        If someone helps on Thursday set-up night, they get first crack at the books

o        They notify all the book dealers of the sale

o        Advertise on the library website, on cable TV, on a national web site for book sales in the United States       

o        Get rid of books ahead of time that are old, moldy, old medical, etc.; also box them up and go to 3rd world countries

o        Hook up book sale with another big event in the town

o        Signage in town is very important


Review of June Minutes: Accepted.


Treasurer’s Report: Accepted.


Current balance in account is $4079.22. In June we collected $623.15 from daily book sales. (That you to Liz for her dedicated sorting and shelving activity!)


Membership – At 58.


Tina Donovan has volunteered to be Treasurer. Nominated and accepted.



Teen Advisory Fundraiser at the Texas Roadhouse on July 13.

Judy is speaking to Rotary West on July 18.


Director’s Update (Joe Dionne)


·                     Gate City and Granite Books program supplements the library’s collection from school libraries.

·                     Babies and Books program is very popular

·                     Summer programs (Bach’s lunch, films, concerts, etc.) available due to donations

·                     Trustee’s filed a petition on June 30 with probate court to ask consideration to sell Chandler building

·                     Nashua West Rotary Club – donates Museum passes; the Friends will ask for the donation from Rotary



Stephanie Hyams has taken pictures of the library to render her version on a quilt. We will also have other items (book bags, etc.) that we can raffle, perhaps at concerts on the common, or at another town event like the Holiday Stroll.


Sold 19 copies of Nashua, Then and Now.


Our Fall Book Sale will be held October 13/14.


We agreed to fund the following Humanities Council Ideas:


·         Camp Stark: NH’s WWII German Prisoner of War Camp (tie w/Veteran’s Day)

·         Surveillance in Post 9/11 World

·         A Conservation with John James Audubon


Membership tracking software – table for now.

Tax-free status – Board will meet separately to review.

Need more shelves in our sorting room.


Action Item review:



Create sign for Friends table at functions


Make pricing stickers

Ask Rotary West for donation for Museum passes


Figure out when and how to raffle items


Talk to garden committee and Friends funding edging for garden outside library


Send budget information to Joe for presentation to Rotary West