From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:45 PM
To: Eyman, Carol
Subject: FW: Minutes to NPL Friends Meeting, January 8, 2007



From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 10:13 PM
To: Marjorie Morse
Subject: Minutes to NPL Friends Meeting, January 8, 2007


NPL Friends Meeting

January 8, 2007




Carole Barker

Martha Barrett

Ken Bateman

Judy Blachek

Tina Donovan

Carol Eyman

Mark King

Vickie Meagher

Marjorie Morse

Roz Price

Paula Super

Liz Ullrich



Minutes from November Meeting: Approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Approved. Current balance is $9126.46; will be $7983.78 after two committed checks are written.


Membership Report: Approved. Current total is 84. (No change from last month.)


Director’s Report: Carol Eyman

·         Chandler Library – confidential settlement has been reached; judge has to issue an order to finalize everything and at that time the terms will become public.

·         Library has been given a collection of CDs for the advancement of New England storytellers – the members donated the CDs with the condition that we display them and bring in the storytellers.

·         Library has a lot of Chinese books and now a volunteer to help categorize them.

·         Trustees approved over $3000 to buy more Teaching Company CDs.

·         Still interviewing for assistant director position (library skills and computer skills needed).




Cards, Tote Bags, Nashua Then and Now – Artist Paula Super attended our meeting; we are going to do some more publicity about the bags and cards – took some pictures to send with a Press Release. About 20 Nashua books left.


Membership renewal note – Margie offered to write the letter and try to get started on a mailing.


Art auction – next meeting is Tuesday, January 16th  at 7:00 in preview theater/computer lab. Art auction is end of May; all proceeds will go to the general Friends fund; hope to have 25 pieces as well as some silent auction items. Upscale evening with wine, auctioneer, etc. Focusing on Hunt Building as venue.


Financial Requests

The Friends will help with funding museum passes. Carol is going to get more details, but we approved the funding for a maximum of $1050 for the first quarter (for the Museum of Science unless they are already funded, and for other venues with April deadlines for funding, if appropriate). Also, the New England Aquarium is a new request ($450); the Rotary donated a chunk ($300?) toward this and we will cover the rest by Februrary 1. We’ll evaluate this program quarterly. NPL Friends will get credit for sponsorship on web site and on tickets.


Infrastructure update

Tax-free status:  We need a lawyer to help us finish them up; Carol will ask.  We need detailed financial status for the forms.



·         Friends may need to purchase a cash register (Library needs a cash register in the Children’s area so need to use the one we use now). Ideally all registers will be the same so it will limit need for training of staff that use the registers.

·         If Chandler sale happens and we do renovate the East Wing, does a Friend want to be on the East Wing committee? Would probably meet during the day. Plans for the new wing include a new local history and genealogy room, more meeting room space, more quiet study areas.

·         We need a sorting party, or at least for members to sort when they can; the table is full.



Monday Feb. 5th – NH Humanities program with David McKay – Surveillance in a Post-911 World.


Action Items


Carol Eyman

Talk to Karen Beaver again about museum passes and what is really needed from Friends; get proper forms for Tina.

Contact lawyer to see if we can get help with the tax forms.

Count number of Nashua Then and Now books and the tote bags sold for tax form purposes.

Judy Blachek

Finish up by-laws.

Contact DesignWares to see how cards and totes are selling.

Marjorie Morse

Fine-tune membership spreadsheet.


Write membership renewal letter and do mailing.

Write press release for Paula Super cards and totes.

Compile detailed information on membership for tax-free forms.

Send mail to Friends dist list re: East Wing committee (after announcement).

Tina Donovan

Compile detailed information on Friends finances for tax-free forms. (Book sale info; sales of books, cards, totes, etc.)

Valerie Fletcher

Ask Marilene Sawaf if she will donate a small picture to raffle.

Joe Dionne

Get list from Trustees of sponsors who are already donating to the library.

Paula Super

Send text for press release to Marjorie.


Roz Price

Find out status of old register at store.