From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:49 PM
To: Eyman, Carol
Subject: FW: NPL Friends Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2006



From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 10:20 AM
To: Marjorie Morse
Subject: NPL Friends Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2006


NPL Friends Meeting





Martha Barrett

Ken Bateman

Judy Blachek

Joe Dionne

Carol Eyman

Valerie Fletcher

Margaret Gleeson

Josh Gleeson

Marjorie Morse


NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 11, 7:00 PM, Media Wing


Review of July Minutes: Accepted


Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance: $4786.12


Membership: at 63


Director’s Update (Carol Eyman)


·         Ken and Liz attended Alderman’s meeting on Chandler library

·         The library has a new reader/printer for microfilm

·         Summer reading programs are done; about 500 kids participated

·         As of Sept. 1, NH downloadable audible books available; not accessible after 2 weeks; does not work with IPODs

·         Marketing push for live homework help; 3 PTO’s have asked library to come talk

·         New library hours after labor day: M-F 9-9; Sat 9-5:30; Sun 1-5 starting Nov. 5 thru April 22 (not Christmas eve, New Year’s eve, or Easter Sunday)




·         Canvas bags with graphic of Paula Super painting:


o        Selected white bag with blue handle/trim and either red or blue lettering

o        Our cost is 4.75 each if we buy 144

o        Agreed to proceed with buying them; will sell for $15


·         Stephanie Hyam’s quilt; Stephanie did a beautiful rendition of library on a small quilt – everyone loved it; we are going to ask the Rotary to buy it and donate to the Friends so it can hang in the library (Thank you Stephanie!!)


·         Nashua Then and Now books: We have 9 left; approved to order 50 more


·         Valerie suggested we ask Marilene Sawaf if she will donate a picture to raffle


·         Raffles – suggested that our first venue be the book sale


·         Book Sale (October 14)


o        Pricing structure: Based on info from book sales at other libraries, we will change our prices slightly:


2.00 hardcover

1.00 trade

.50 paperbacks

.25 children’s books/ 5 for $1

VHS: .50

DVDs: discretion (.50 - $3)

CDs: discretion (.50 - $3)

Audio cassettes: $1 for a book


o        Sorting schedule:


Wednesday, 7:00 – 9:00, Aug 23rd, 30th

Need to organize room first before any real sorting can happen.


o        The Rotary is organizing their own book drive (a box from each member)


o        NH Humanities Council Programs:


 Nov. 8 – Camp Stark

 February – 9/11

 October 26 – From Chaos to Sanity: Cutting the Clutter


Financial Requests (we agreed that the Friends would fund the following items)


Save a Dog Teen Program: $132.25 (need check from Tina)

Live Homework Help promotion and MP3 player for raffle: $100

Smart Food for Back to School program: $220

Staff luncheon: up to $250

Garden edging: up to $200

Parking cards for raffles: up to $90


Petty Cash Fund


We agreed to establish a locked petty cash fund at the library (initial $750) of Friends money for items that have already been approved, so the library staff does not have to track down the Treasurer for a check. We will need the receipts. The previous month’s spending will be reported at our meetings.


Wish Lists


After we have more experience and information on what the funding requests have been, we will come up with long-term planning on distributing funds.


Tax Free Status

The Board started the paperwork; Judy did the by-laws, but we need to finish up.

Michelle Mortenson from Nashua Arts may be able to help, if needed.


Web Page


There will soon be a button for the Friends from the library’s front page. The Friends page will contain:


Meeting schedule




List of officers (email and phone)


Mail box & Supply Center


Carol suggested we have a mailbox with slots for each officer in “our room.”




·         October meeting is cancelled (scheduled for Columbus Day and library is closed).

·         Judy and Marjorie will attend the “Mass Friends Sharing with Friends” conference on Sept. 16 in Devens, MA.

·         Judy made a sign for tables at events; it will be left in our room.

·         Library Trustees sent Friends a letter commending us on our first book sale.


Action Items


Carol Eyman

Order the canvas bags

Give byline to Friends for items we fund

Set up mailbox in Friends room

Carol Eyman

Tina Donovan

Set up petty cash fund in library (Tina, write check for $750 to Nashua Library)

Tina Donovan

Write check for $132.25 to Save a Dog, Inc.; send to Jenn Jasinski (info in letter)

Joe Dionne

Ask Rotary to buy quilt and donate to Friends

Judy Blachek

Order 50 more copies of Nashua Then and Now

Finish tax-free paperwork

Valerie Fletcher

Ask Marilene Sawaf if she will donate a small picture to raffle

All available

Sort books on Wednesday, Aug 23 and 30, from 7-9 PM

Margaret Gleeson

Create Friends web page

Marjorie Morse

Provide minutes and other information to Margaret for web page