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Class Schedule - Call 589-4611 for DetailsClass Schedule - Call 589-4611 for Details

Click here to request the monthly computer class schedule by email.

Class Schedules

All classes are offered on weekdays. Click here to view upcoming classes on our events calendar.

How to Register

To register for classes, call the Library at 589-4611 or Email reference@nashualibrary.org. We hold a spot for you if you're signed up, so please call us in advance if you're not able to make it for your reserved class.

Individual Assistance

If you need help and cannot make a drop-in session, please speak to a reference librarian about scheduling an individual appointment. Subject to availability, these half-hour blocks will allow you the chance to get one-on-one help with the topic of your choice. When scheduling an appointment, please let the librarian know what your question is and what result you're aiming for. This will help us prepare for our appointment with you.

Please call the Reference Department at 589-4611 for more information.

Drop-In Technology Help

Mondays at 7:00 pm and
Wednesdays at 3:30 pm, Training Lab
The library offers drop-in technology help in addition to regularly scheduled computer classes. You can come in any time during the open hour, when a reference librarian helps you find information related to specific problems you have encountered when working with ereaders, apps, Microsoft Office, surfing the Web, and using the library databases or catalog. No registration is necessary. Feel free to bring your laptop, flash drive, or device. We cannot provide assistance with computer repair or virus removal.

Classes are held in the training lab on the 2nd floor.
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Free Computer Workshops

The library offers workshops on various computer topics. Each class is a one-time workshop. Each class can hold eight students. All workshops are free!

Please note our registration policies:

  • Registration will be open a week before the class date.
  • Computer Basics is designed for people with little to no experience using a computer.
  • Classes may be repeated.
  • You can take one session of each class per month.
  • If you are registered or on the waiting list for a class that is a prerequisite for a more advanced class and do not attend the prerequisite, we will remove you from the advanced class.

Classes are taught using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010 software.

If you've never used a computer before we suggest taking the Computer Basics class first. From there you can choose a track and work your way down the list. Feel free to move between tracks. Individual practice after each class is highly recommended.

Internet Track
  1. Computer Basics
  2. Internet
  3. Online Job Searching
  4. Genealogy
  5. Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Email: Come to a drop-in for a tutorial
  6. WordPress
Microsoft Office Track
  1. Computer Basics
  2. Word
  3. Advanced Word
  4. PowerPoint
  5. Excel
  6. Advanced Excel
  7. Access

Workshop Descriptions:

Computer Basics
1.5 hours

Computer Basics Handout (PDF)
Basic elements of Windows 7 and the PC operating system, including using a mouse/keyboard; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; common menus, toolbars, and shortcuts; overview of software and storage media.

Practice: Mousercise

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2 hours
Internet Handout (PDF)
Basic introduction to the Internet, including getting online by typing in web addresses; understanding basic terminology and buttons of the Mozilla Firefox program; using search engines to find information and websites; evaluating websites and online information; using intermediate and advanced online tools and search features; ensuring online safety.

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Online Job Searching
2 hours
Online Job Searching Handout (PDF)
Finding and applying for jobs using email and the web including features of major job websites such as Monster and Indeed; how to search a job site; how to sort and refine search results; how to set up job alerts and save your searches; formatting a resume for email or website submission; online resources for networking, interview prep; cover letter and resume review.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Internet, Email, and Word 2007 or 2010.

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Word 2010
2 hours

Word Handout (PDF)

Basic to intermediate word processing using Microsoft Word, including using the ribbon; creating, saving, and printing documents; highlighting, copying, and pasting text; formatting lists; checking spelling and grammar; creating tables; applying headers and footers.

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Advanced Word 2010 2 hours
Advanced Word Handout (PDF)
Advanced Word skills including creating a newsletter and mailing labels; inserting WordArt, pictures, clip art, symbols, hyperlinks, URLs, footnotes, and page breaks; mail merge; find and replace; formatting tabs and columns.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Word 2007 or 2010.

This is an advanced computer class.

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PowerPoint 2010
1.5 hours
PowerPoint Handout (PDF)
Basic introduction to creating a slide presentation including using design templates; adding content, transitions and animations; saving and printing a presentation; viewing a presentation.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Word and/or Office 2007 or 2010.

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Excel 2010
2 hours

Excel Handout (PDF)
Basic to intermediate functions of Excel, the spreadsheet and calculating program, including screen and worksheet elements; copying and pasting; using mathematical formulas and functions; creating graphs and charts; creating a basic monthly budget.

Prerequisites: Word 2010 class or experience using Microsoft Word and/or Office 2007 or 2010.

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Advanced Excel 2010 2 hours
Advanced Excel Handout(PDF)

Advanced Excel skills not covered in the introductory class including advanced charts; filtering and subtotaling data; conditional formatting; concatenating text and splitting text into columns; adding comments and text boxes; using logic-based functions; printing worksheets with repeating header rows and columns.

Prerequisites: Excel 2010 class or experience using Microsoft Excel outside of class, including creating formulas and basic charts in Excel.

This is an advanced computer class.

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Access 2010
2 hours
Access Handout (PDF)
Basic database design and development using Microsoft Access, including creating tables and forms; entering and editing data; creating queries; generating reports; establishing table relationships.

Prerequisites: Excel 2010 class or experience using Excel and Office 2007 or 2010.

This is an advanced computer class.

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2 hours

Introduction to two online databases: Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest; searching census, death, and family records; searching full-text books.

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Word Press 2 hours
Basic introduction to creating websites and blogs using the free, online hosting service, WordPress.com.  Includes creating an account with Wordpress.com; creating a blog and pages for your website; adding content to your blog; inserting pictures and other media; creating categories and tags; choosing a theme.

Prerequisites: An email address and intermediate knowledge of using the Internet.

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